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What is the Power Cube?

The Power Cube is a self-contained energy pod that stores and delivers clean silent power.

What benefits does this offer?

By hiring The Power Cube the most significant benefit you will receive is a reduction in your diesel fuel bill. What’s more with your generator now switched off you will heavily reduce your CO2 emissions plus completely eliminating noise emission which has already proved very popular on sites in built up or residential areas.

How does it work?

Traditionally, where temporary power is concerned a generator is required to run 24 hours a day, yet most of that time it is doing little work. The Power Cube will work alongside a generator and can be pre-programmed to detect low load (typically overnight), switch the generator off and power the site by its battery instead. Once the battery is reduced down the generator will automatically switch on and start powering the site and
recharging the battery.

Power Cube Case Study - West Yorkshire

Power Cube Case Study – West Yorkshire





What can a Power Cube do for you?

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