Trakway Solution to Protect Delicate Salt Marshes in Lincolnshire

A-Plant worked alongside ecologists to provide a trakway solution over delicate salt marshes in Lincolnshire.

Vehicle and personnel access was created using Live Panels to enable the installation of a drilling rig to collect samples of geotechnical and geophysical data.

Light, rubber-tracked vehicles were used to transport the panels across the beach and a geotextile substrate was laid between the ground and the trakway.

An on-site ecologist guided the teams around sensitive areas and to prevent any movement of the roadways because of tidal flow, the panels were secured with ground pins and steel ropes. To continue the roadway across tidal creeks, multiple bridge ramps were installed.

Where there were ruts in the ground, sandbags filled with Lincolnshire coastal sand were opened and the sand left in the ruts to aid redevelopment and reinstatement of the ground.

Live Panel is an award-winning aluminium trakway system. It has a higher level of grip than any other panel on the market and has been certified and independently tested in Germany for strength and capability.