A-Plant’s commitment to health and safety extends across all parts of the business including its fleet of 2,000 commercial vehicles used to supply equipment directly to clients and to its 190 service centres across the UK and Ireland.

A-Plant has achieved a market leading position through constant dedication to health and safety and this is reflected in our accreditations and awards achievements over the past few years, from seven consecutive RoSPA Gold awards to FORS Gold in transport, and from various ISO accreditations to winning the ERA Rental Safety Award in 2017. In addition, A-Plant produces industry leading in-depth safety guides for our customers covering subjects including Dust Control, Hand Arm Vibration and Working at Height.

“Health and Safety are of paramount importance at A-Plant, every item in our hire fleet is continually tested, maintained and serviced.

“Our staff receive stringent training on an on-going basis and we have introduced a number of initiatives to enhance safety within the construction industry, and ultimately assist with the reduction of on-site accidents.”

Douglas McLuckie, A-Plant’s Director of Risk Management

  • Seven consecutive Royal Society for the Prevention Accidents (RoSPA) Gold Awards
  • 1,100 A-Plant drivers trained in Safe Urban Driving

Work Safe Home Safe

A-Plant’s Work Safe Home Safe campaign encourages its teams to take personal responsibility for the way they work. We believe safety is not just related to the equipment we use, it’s also about taking personal responsibility for how we work.

Safety Week

This was a huge safety initiative carried out every year across the business, involving every division, every region and every employee.