2019 Annual Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

Ashtead Group PLC Modern Slavery Statement

Ashtead Group plc ("Ashtead" or the "Group") is an international equipment rental company with national networks in the US, the UK and a growing presence in Canada. Ashtead rents a full range of construction and industrial equipment across a wide variety of applications to a diverse customer base through the following businesses:

  • Sunbelt Rentals and Sunbelt Rentals of Canada (together, "Sunbelt") are the Group's US and Canadian based construction and industrial equipment rental business with 811 stores across 46 states, the District of Columbia and Canada from which we derive approximately 87% of Group revenue; and
  • A-Plant is the Group's UK based business which rents a broad range of equipment, principally to general industrial and construction orientated customers. A-Plant operates 197 stores nationwide and generates approximately 13% of Group revenue.

Statement of commitment

Ashtead takes its social responsibility seriously and is committed to conducting its business in compliance with the highest ethical standards. It is committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of its business or in its supply chain. This statement applies to all persons who act on behalf of its business in any capacity, including employees, directors, consultants, contractors, agency workings and its supply chain.

Ashtead’s slavery and human trafficking risks

While the Group sources goods and services from a wide range of suppliers, the Group’s businesses predominately work with a number of major OEM suppliers for their main equipment. For example, Sunbelt primarily buys equipment from vendors with strong reputations for product quality and reliability. The Group therefore believes that, in view of its profile and the nature of its suppliers, the risks of modern slavery are low. However the Group does import some products from higher risk territories where it is considered that the risks of forced or child labour may be higher.

Across the Group's supply chain, due diligence is undertaken before entering into a supply arrangement for all new suppliers providing the Group with an opportunity to assess the supplier. For all existing suppliers, the Group completes a periodic review to update its assessment. For suppliers identified as higher risk based on the nature of goods supplied or location of manufacture, the Group undertakes more detailed reviews and this will become an increasing area of focus going forward.


While ensuring the right policies are in place across the Group, the business understands that its employees and others who engage with the business are most likely to encounter potential human rights infringments. Ashtead operates a fully confidential whistleblowing service for all employees to raise any concerns that they may have. The Group regularly ensures that employees are aware of this service and that all calls are fully investigated in a timely manner.

Progress and the year ahead

Ashtead understands that the risks associated with modern slavery are constantly evolving and that it must continue to monitor and improve its actions in this area. As such, Ashtead's priority areas for the year ahead include:

  • Issuance of the Group's updated Modern Slavery policy and Ethical Sourcing policy to specifically consider the risks of modern slavery - these are available on the Group's website (www.ashtead-group.com);
  • roll out training to all relevant employees across our businesses;
  • refresh our supplier due diligence processes to specifically consider the risks of modern slavery;
  • complete our process of writing to all major suppliers or those identified as higher risk to confirm compliance with our Modern Slavery, Ethical Sourcing and Business Ethics and Conduct policies.

Approval of this statement

This statement is made on behalf of all subsidiaries of Ashtead Group plc (www.ashtead-group.com) and is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Act and constitutes our Group's slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ended 30 April 2018.

This statement has been approved by the Board and signed on its behalf by:

For and on behalf of the Board of Ashtead Group plc Dated the 28 day of February 2019

2019 Annual Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement (DOCX, 55.7 KB)