A-Plant Arena - The Smartphone Delivery App

What is A-Plant Arena?

A-Plant Arena is a smartphone application developed by A-Plant that puts you, our customer, in control of your equipment deliveries.

Available to download on Apple and Android devices, A-Plant Arena allows you to accept and reject deliveries, whilst updating your records instantly.

A-Plant Arena On Site Benefits

Benefits of A-Plant Arena: On Site

Keeping your site safe and secure

A-Plant Arena can help you to meet safety targets and improve standards by ensuring the equipment you order ends up in the hands of your designated people on site.

Support your procurement teams

Notify your procurement and accounts payable teams that equipment has been received on site instantly by digitally accepting your delivery using A-Plant Arena.

No more paperwork

Paperwork can be kept to a minimum as delivery notes don't have to be kept; the process is all done digitally.

A-Plant Arena Office Benefits

Benefits of A-Plant Arena - Procurement, Accounts Payable & Back Office

Full Audit Trail

You will get an instant proof of delivery email so you can see who accepted the delivery, at what time and even where the delivery was received with GPS coordinates provided.

Aligned with your Internal Systems

A-Plant Arena can align with your internal procurement systems to instantly update your records and make the process more accurate.

Designated Users

You can set up users through your A-Plant Axis/Extranet login details. The same login gets you into Axis and Arena.

A-Plant Arena the smartphone delivery app by A-Plant

How to get started with A-Plant Arena

  1. SEARCH A-Plant Arena in your app store
  2. DOWNLOAD the app
  3. LOGIN using your Axis (extranet) login credentials . If you cannot remember your login details or haven't set up an Axis account, please contact our Customer Experience team on 0370 050 0797 or email customerexperience@aplant.com
  4. SCAN the QR code at the top of your delivery note