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Spotlight on A-Plant Accommodation Project Management

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We’ve all seen the clusters of accommodation units on construction sites – forming the temporary headquarters and welfare facilities for site staff and operatives. What we don’t necessarily realise is the background work that goes into creating these contractors’ villages.

The scope is wide and varied - units can be used for offices, canteens, meeting rooms, drying rooms, storage and toilets.

Here, we look behind the scenes of how A-Plant Accommodation can create a bespoke cabin set-up, tailored to the customer’s needs and requirements, through expert project management.

The approach varies from project to project depending on the cabin type, number of units, complexity, and service level agreement timescales, but the stages indicated are based on a recent project undertaken from one of our southern service centres.

  • The client contacts A-Plant Accommodation and enquires about the cabin complex.
  • A member of the sales team or project manager is informed and contacts the customer to arrange a meeting.
  • The meeting takes place, requirements and options are discussed.
  • The layout drawing is produced. The layout is then approved by the customer and a quotation is produced on this detail.
  • The order is placed and the customer is advised of the delivery date.
  • The service centre allocates the cabins from its own fleet, the A-Plant Accommodation national fleet, or the factory, if required.
  • The cabins and ancillary equipment (links, stairs, furniture etc.) are prepped, painted (they can be supplied in the customer’s own livery), tested and manufactured if required. During this time, the project manager will be visiting the site, assessing access and lay-down areas, advising the customer on foundation requirements and collating and submitting a site specific methodology and lifting plan for the delivery and installation.
  • The cabins are installed by fully trained operatives.

All project managers are CPCS qualified to plan lifting operations.

And that’s how it happens - an expert approach that covers all the details to create a bespoke accommodation solution.

To find out more about our Accommodation service, please contact us on 0370 050 0797 or email

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