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Spotlight on the Power Cube…

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The Power Cube is a portable, maintenance-free, self-contained energy pod that stores and delivers clean, silent power. It can reduce and, in some cases eliminate, your dependence on generators. The results are significant savings on your fuel bill and your CO2 emissions.

The Power Cube works alongside mains power by electronically converting stored energy. When the site load is low, or when silent running is preferred, your generator is automatically turned off and the Power Cube continues to silently power the site. When programmed, the Power Cube will automatically restart your generator and resume charging itself. Power to the site is seamlessly maintained.

The unit can be moved easily around site by road tow or mechanical handling - so the power is always where you need it.

Combined with obvious savings in fuel consumption and carbon emissions, this makes the Power Cube ideal for running sites overnight where noise can be a sensitive issue, or at events where silent power is required.

Clean, silent power – where and when you need it.

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