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When is a telehandler not just a telehandler?

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When is a telehandler not just a telehandler? And when is an excavator not just an excavator? When they also become forks, shovels, buckets, breakers and much more…

We’re well known for hiring plant and tools to our customers, it’s part of our heritage, but it’s not as well known that we hire an impressive range of attachments that convert many of our everyday items into something quite different! When hiring plant, it’s worth knowing that you can get a lot more for your money by utilising the many attachments that are available. These products give multitasking a whole new meaning and make your life easier than ever.

Let’s start with some of our telehandler attachments and what they can do for you:

  • Fork frames with floating forks – quickly interchangeable, they aid picking up loads from uneven ground
  • Carriage mounted forks – give maximum visibility of load and are easily and quickly removed for fitment of other attachments
  • Industrial sideshift – lightweight and compact, gives minimal payload reduction or reduction in stability
  • Integral sideshift – allows fork positioning ready for load pick-up, and sideshift of load when placing - especially useful when working at height
  • General purpose shovels – for efficient rehandling of loose materials including sand, soil and building waste
  • 6-in-1 shovels – increase machine versatility: dozing, loading, digging, grabbing, backfilling and grading are all possible from one unit
  • Wastemaster shovels with top grab – especially effective for handling bulky items, or waste containing timber or brash
  • Extension jib – for effective handling of bulky, suspended loads such as tanks, ducting and prefabricated components.

Now let’s look at some of the excavator attachments:

  • Hitches – these increase safety and reduce operator effort when changing buckets and attachments
  • Buckets – we have a wide choice for general use as well as ribbed versions for added strength and durability; ditch maintenance; jaw; grading and tilting grading
  • Earth drill – for accurate and precise drilling of fence and post holes
  • Breakers – durable design with a sealed for life accumulator to help reduce maintenance costs
  • Compactors – for rapid trench reinstatement and general ground compaction.

These are just a snapshot of the attachments that you can hire from us, for a complete list of what’s available, please call 0370 050 0797 or email


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Tobias Armstrong

I had no idea that you could get so many attachments for a telehandler. I've been trying to figure out what I could rent to help me do a bunch of different tasks in my backyard as far as the landscaping is concerned, and it seems like a telehandler might be the way to go after reading this. Thanks for sharing!

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