Positive leadership is crucial to our success.

A-Plant Leadership

At A-Plant, our people are absolutely crucial to our success, so good leadership is extremely important in our business. Operating nationally, we have a huge network of colleagues delivering our daily operations. Our people can deliver fantastic customer service which we refer to as ‘Delivering Service Excellence’. We want to make sure that every customer who deals with us has a great customer experience; every single time, without fail.

Ours is a multi-location business with several different divisions so positive leadership and direction are important at every level. We have a strong background of growing talent from within and, being highly operational, have a diversity of individuals, teams and departments.  All our colleagues play a key role in delivering our success - from Apprentices and Drivers to Workshop staff and colleagues in our Warrington Support Office.

To be a true leader at A-Plant, the following attributes will be important…

  • You’ll need to be good with people, a real team player and someone who will live, breathe and be a true advocate of our company and what we stand for
  • You’ll need good commercial insight. We deal with a multitude of different market sectors, so there is a lot to get your teeth into!
  • You’ll need to be prepared to be accountable for yourself and your team
  • You’ll need to be customer-centred with a true appreciation of ‘Delivering Service Excellence’ - both internally and externally