Service Centre teams keep A-Plant running smoothly, providing customers with the equipment they need.

Ours is a highly operational business and we rely on our Service Centre teams across the country to keep A-Plant running smoothly, providing customers with the equipment they need via a first class service, every step of the way. There are a number of operational roles within our business, from Service Centre Managers who have overall responsibility for managing our Service Centre locations and driving the business forward, to Hire Controllers who primarily work on our hire desks, ensuring that customers are dealt with promptly, professionally, and in compliance with the relevant policies and procedures.

Our workshop staff also perform a vital function within our business. Fitters repair and maintain our equipment to optimum standards and Yard Operatives ensure that our equipment is clean and ready for customers to hire. Our Van and HGV Drivers also have responsibility for the delivery and collection of our equipment and are often the ‘face’ of A-Plant. To view the latest vacancies, please click here.

“A-Plant can be a fast-paced, quite intense place to work. After all, this is a service industry and we're responding to customers who have their own deadlines to meet. My job is to make sure that we've got the equipment in the very best condition to meet customers' needs.

Much more goes on behind the scenes than people realise. Health and Safety is critically important and something we never compromise on. All of our products need to pass insurance inspections every six months and the maintenance is continuous. Then I'll also look after things like transport and delivery.

What really sets A-Plant apart for me is the training. I think it is second to none. Your training here covers every angle of your role and really prepares you to move up and take on more responsibility. It is a big company too, so opportunities are opening up all the time. You just have to be prepared to push yourself forward.”

Simon Cooke - Workshop Foreman Nottingham