Official Statement for Customers & Suppliers Regarding the Current Coronavirus Situation

Last update: 27 March 2020

Just as you’d expect from the market leaders, we’re being responsible and doing everything that’s essential to look after our people and our customers, and reacting rapidly to changing government advice.

We’re identified as an essential service provider, critical to making sure that the UK infrastructure stays operational during the national response to Covid-19. It’s our job to support the people who make sure the lights stay on and keep the wheels turning. 

We know you need us, and we’re still here. We’re continuing to supply our equipment and services that keep the UK going, from the NHS to broadband suppliers, construction sites, police, utilities, refineries and other Government bodies.

We remain open to deliver for our customers, but we’re asking our customers not to come into depots, contacting us using phone or via email instead. To keep our people safe, we're operating a rotational way of working, to maintain maximum social distancing in our work areas.

Every day we monitor the COVID-19 advice given by the UK government, and we’ll respond and update accordingly.

Thank you for working with us as we do our best to support you. We need to work together as one team, so we have the power to overcome these incredible challenges.

Andy Wright