A-Plant Rail Products

A-Plant Rail can offer a complete one-stop solution for all products required when working in the rail sector.  Network Rail uses their range of products extensively and they are registered with RISQS for the supply of equipment.  

A-Plant Rail - Rail Equipment Hire

A-Plant Rail's product offering includes:

Adjustment and Handling Equipment: Including Sleeper Beams and Spacers, Iron Men and Camlocks, Rail Track Magnets, Rollers, Platform Gauges, Heights & Stagger Gauges, Cant Gauges and Torque Multipliers.  

Operated – Non-Operated: Triple Plate Rail Compactors, MK4 Clipping Machine, Cembre & Robel Clipping Machines, Rail Saws, Impact Wrenches, Duro Saws and Battery Rail Drills.  

Hydraulic Tools and Drilling Equipment: Including Tamping Tools, Portable Sleeper Drills, Stressing Kits and Cold Bolt Extractors.

Hand Tools: A-Plant Rail supply a full range of lightweight and high-quality hand tools to assist with both on and off track rail work.

Jacks: They have a large variety of jacks specifically designed for the rail industry comprising of Pan Jacks, Toe Jacks, Slewing Jacks and Ratchet Jacks

Generators: Supplying generators which are specifically designed for the rail industry to provide portable, reliable power.  

Lighting: They supply Linklights which are ideally suited for trackside working and provide a continuous lighting string for overnight works. We also supply a range of rechargeable rail lighting, solar & battery tower lights, beacons and lanterns.

Vortok Safety Barriers: Erected in minutes, the Vortok Safety Barrier offers superior protection for track workers.

Over Head Line Equipment: A-Plant Rail have a full range of OHL equipment, including Dillan gauges, Earth Leads, Bow Thorpe Wedges and Tirfors.    

Accommodation Units: Their range of accommodation units include welfare units, secure storage, portable toilets, welfare vehicles and fully stocked on-site units for the immediate access of tools and equipment.

Alongside the specialist rail equipment, A-Plant Rail also supply the rail industry with the full range of plant and attachments, traffic management equipment and general tools and equipment.

A-Plant Rail - Rail Equipment Hire