Astra Attachment Solutions Products

Astra holds the UK’s largest and most modern attachment hire fleet and the largest range of Saddles, allowing them to fit attachments to almost every make and model of excavator.

Excavator Attachments for Hire

Astra's attachments are available to hire or to purchase nationwide and their range includes:

Compaction Plates: Also known as wacker plates or vibrating plates, a compaction plate makes quick work of compacting soils and gravels, especially on surfaces where handheld pose a health and safety risk such as trenches, slopes and embankments.

The excavator mounted compaction plates offer great productivity; are available in different sizes for different trench widths, and can compact up to 60 cubic yards per hour. 

Astra has compaction plates available to fit excavators from 2-40 tonnes. 

Hydraulic Breakers: Astra have been the UK dealer Soosan hydraulic breakers for over 15 years, providing the UK’s largest range of excavator mounted breakers for sale or hire.

Astra can supply breakers to fit any make or model of excavator from micro to 55 ton, they will fit to your machine on site, nationwide.

Demolition Attachments: Astra are the UK dealer for Trevi Benne and stock a wide range of Demolition Grabs, Demolition Shears, Pulverizers, Crusher Buckets and Screening buckets – all for sale or hire.

Heavy-duty demolition grabs are a versatile attachment and can be used in demolition, site clearance, loading and sorting heavy, bulky materials Available to fit 6-35 ton machines.

Demolition Shears are designed for dismantling steel structures and cutting thick metals such as pylons and RSJ’s. Models are available to fit 13-35 ton machines.

Pulverizers are available in static or rotational models, used for both primary and secondary demolition Astra have models to fit 4-35 ton machines.

Pallet Forks: Excavator mounted pallet fork attachments fit onto any standard excavator (5-22 ton), enabling it to manoeuvre heavy, palletised equipment.

Augers: Used for drilling holes into the ground for landscaping, fencing and construction projects. Astra have the UK’s largest range of auger drive units, flights and extensions – to fit 1-50 ton machines. Flytes/drill bits can be fitted to drill holes 150-1000mm wide.

Piling Attachments: Astra have a wide range of pile croppers to cut square and round piles.

The Taets square or Astra power/2 jaw croppers will cut 180-350mm square piles and Astra carry a range of linked and 4 jaw croppers to cut round/CFA piles from 300-1800mm wide.

Astra can fit to any excavator nationwide and site visits are always available to offer advice on the best units for your project.

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