GB Access Products

GB Access is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of hoists for hire to the construction and industrial sectors. They have been supplying Alimak and Stros hoists to customers for over 30 years.

Goods and Passenger Hoists for Hire

GB Access' range of equipment for hire includes Passenger Goods Hoists, Goods Only Hoists, Electric Chain Hoists and Hoist accessories. GB Access can also get custom Hoists produced, or existing units modified to suit your requirements upon request. 

Passenger and Goods Hoists

Passenger and Goods Hoists are used to transport people and materials vertically up a building or structure and down a shaft below ground level with the ability to stop at a number of landings.

Goods Only Hoists

It is not permitted for passengers to ride in Goods Only Hoists as they are not fitted with a roof. This does, however, enable the vertical transportation of larger items, as long as they are safely contained within the confines of the cage.

Bespoke Hoists

Bespoke Hoists can be produced, or existing units modified, in GB Access' manufacturing facility. GB Access can engineer Bespoke Hoists, multiple units and common tower configurations to suit any lifting requirements you may have.

Beam Hoists

Beam Hoists are most commonly found on city centre construction sites adjacent to main roads with no off-road unloading facilities. These sites typically have a scaffold gantry built out over the pavement and delivery vehicles pull up alongside the gantry to be offloaded.

GB Access - Goods and Passenger Hoists for hire