PSS HIRE Products

PSS HIRE supply a vast range of specialist products and services to the utility, civil engineering and associated sectors.

McElroy butt fusion machine for welding pipes

PSS HIRE's range of products available for hire include testing equipment, McElroy equipment, Butt Fusion machines, pipe cutting equipment and more. PSS HIRE also supply a range of All Terrain Vehicles and equipment for both underground cabling and overhead lines.

PSS HIRE's equipment is backed by a suite of online tools that help to ensure compliance and provide real efficiencies to your business such as the latest innovative solutions - the new Pipeline Commissioning System and SMART Torque Solution.

The PSS HIRE Instrumentation business has over 50 years’ experience in providing the latest products with a first class service to their customers. PSS HIRE offer a nationwide service specialising in the hire, sale, repair and recalibration of testing, measurement and process control products.

PSS HIRE - Utilities and Pipeline Equipment Specialist