Rapid Climate Control Products

Rapid Climate Control is a specialist provider of portable cooling, drying, heating and humidification equipment.

Climate Control Equipment

Portable Cooling: The range of portable cooling equipment includes portable air conditioners which are simple to use and can be moved between locations as required, spot coolers which are ideal for cooling large areas within commercial or industrial applications, and evaporative coolers which deliver a cool ‘sea breeze’ airflow. Rapid Climate Control also supply a range of office and industrial fans to provide simple yet powerful cooling.

Portable Heating: Rapid Climate Control's wide range of heaters will suit any application and include electric convection heaters, electric ceramic heaters, oil filled radiator heaters, infrared heaters and fan heaters. Rapid Climate Control also supply powerful fired heaters which can effectively heat large areas.

Portable Drying and Flood Damage: Supplying combined heating and drying fans suitable for industrial locations, and a range of portable equipment to remove water, including dehumidifiers, wet vacs, carpet dryers and extractor ventilation fans.

Temporary Chillers: The chiller rental range is comprised of water cooled chillers, air cooled chillers, heat pump chillers, non-ferrous chillers and air handling units. They can be hired on a short-term emergency basis or for a long-term period.  

Temporary Boilers: Portable and stationary boilers provide heating and hot water solutions for any application. Rapid Climate Control's boiler rental range comprises of hot water boilers up to 40.0kW, heating boilers up to 600kW and AHUs up to 150kW. 

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