Guide to Dust Control

Dust simply can’t be ignored. Many construction jobs, such as cutting, grinding, drilling, chasing, sawing, breaking and chiselling, can create high dust levels, especially if the work is indoors or in enclosed or poorly-ventilated areas.

What’s more, dust can adversely affect job site productivity. Working comfort can be affected, fixtures and fittings can be damaged and it can add considerable time to jobs due to sealing off areas or clearing up.

Every year thousands of construction workers contract or die from respiratory diseases due to breathing in dust and fumes.

How Can A-Plant Help You Minimise the Risk?

At A-Plant, we are firm believers in ‘Setting the Safety Standard.’ We are 100% committed to helping you reduce the risks your workforce is exposed to, whilst helping you increase your productivity on-site - with product and service solutions that greatly reduce exposure to dust in many every day jobs on the construction site.

We offer one of the hire industry’s widest ranges of equipment for water suppression, on-tool extraction and dust extraction, as well as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Many of our power tools are designed to maximise the amount of dust removal at source and collect it efficiently with a vacuum removal system. The A-Plant Training Department also offers an extensive range of accredited training courses designed to enhance safety and skill levels.

Guide to Dust Control (PDF, 3.91 MB)