Innovation Week 2018

A-Plant is the largest equipment rental company in the UK and in each of the last three years, has invested more than £150 million in new equipment. Across all of our divisions, we are constantly looking at new ways to expand our hire fleet and services and this involves collaborating closely with our customers and suppliers in order to find the most innovative products, service or software that we can bring to market.

In July 2018, we are holding our second annual Innovation Event, at which we want to hear about any innovative products or services that you feel we should bring into our hire fleet (this includes anything you may have presented to us before but feel we have not fully exploited).

The A-Plant panel at this event will consist of key directors and managers who are responsible for procuring and hiring out equipment.

If you wish to present to A-Plant with the best you have to offer, then please complete the below pre-qualification form by 10th May 2018.

If you have any questions please phone Chris Nicholls on 01925 281044.