Never Let Go - Tool Tethering System

Never Let Go

2018 marked A-Plants ‘Innovation Week’, designed to celebrate forward-thinking companies and individuals in the construction equipment industry. We recognised Never Let Go for their robust, reliable and innovative technology that shows extensive research in the prevention of dropped tools on site.

Latest Innovation

The NLG 1-2-3 tool tethering system makes it simple and easy for workers to safely and effectively tether every tool.

NLG believe there are three parts to tool tethering:

1. Tool Tether

The tether is the part that allows the tool to be connected. Some tools won’t need a tether as they have a ‘captive hole’ – a hole manufactured into them that allows you to securely loop a lanyard through them. Sadly, very few tools come with this so we supply the safest tethering technology.

2. Tool Lanyard

The lanyard is the piece between the tether and the anchor point. It’s the crucial part that secures tethering.

3. Anchor

The anchor point is the immovable object – the workbelt, wrist wrap or harness that you attach your lanyard to, so that if it’s dropped it won’t fall.


NLG said: ‘Safety professionals have been aware of the issues and injuries caused by dropped tools and objects. But, until now it has been very difficult to do anything effective to combat the problem. NLG are new to the A-Plant supply chain, but it’s great to see an industry leader doing everything they can to make the UK construction scene as safe as possible, and to make sure that everyone on every work site goes home every day.’