Rapid Response Solutions - Hydra-Slide

Rapid Response Solutions

In 2018, we invited manufacturers to present their latest innovative products, services and software for potential investment from the company. Rapid Response Solutions presented us with their revolutionary push and pull systems which we feel are safe, economical, transportable and time-saving.



The Hydra-Slide™ is a skidding system that provides a cost-effective, safe, simple and reliable method for moving, loading or unloading all types of heavy load. With all components being hand portable, its profiling reduces jacking time and space requirements. This slide system is a Push & Pull system, capable of both pushing and pulling up to 500tons. It’s ideal for areas with restricted access and flat, continuous support (or blocking).

Benefits Include:

  • A safer alternative to overhead lifting or roller
  • No come-alongs, winch lines or holdbacks required
  • Completely hand portable
  • System contained in a compact steel box for easy transportation
  • Unique ratchet track design enables automatic resetting of push cylinders without a personnel being nearby during move meaning all personnel stay a safe distance from the load
  • Bi-directional track and skid shoes for skidding in either direction
  • Quick and simple lug connections – no tools required
  • Clean, low maintenance steel and UHMW slide surfaces
  • “Leap frog” tracks to move longer distances


Rapid Response Solutions said: ‘Our goal is to stay small enough to maintain the personal relationships we have with clients and large enough to meet the demands of the global industry. All while staying true to our simple philosophy that you earn success by being honest, treating people well and operating with integrity – and of course building the best product possible.

Off-the-shelf skidding systems and rigging equipment has not been readily available in some of the developing parts of the world, so we see an opportunity to supply a global market demand. For example, we have quite a few clients in Africa and other developing countries, where our systems are replacing archaic methods of moving these items, like rollers or moving items using manpower in very unsafe ways.’