Trime - X-Eco Battery Lighting Tower


In 2018, we hosted ‘Innovation Week’, to appraise companies for their innovative products and equipment. We awarded Trime for their hard work in designing and building their environmentally friendly towerlight that proves maximum efficiency, quietness and reliability.

Trime X-Eco Lighting Tower

The X-ECO Battery Lighting Tower

The Trime X-ECO lighting tower is rugged, long lasting and safe.  The X-ECO has been created to provide the best solution to your needs and guarantees 3800 sqm of illuminated area. 14 units can be loaded on a standard truck. To all of this, we added the technology that allows for maximum fuel efficiency and reliability. With zero noise, zero emissions and zero fuel – developed for contractors working in inner cities or noise sensitive areas. Running for 72 hours on a single charge, the X-ECO runs for 12 hours longer than a standard Lighting Tower.

Benefits Include:

  • Transport cost reduced by 45%
  • LED flood light guaranteed for 50.000 hours
  • LED lamps mean NO replacement of bulbs, lamp glass, ballast or capacitors - meaning a reduction in call out costs
  • 7 sections hydraulic vertical tower 8.5m, 340° rotatable
  • Control panel alarms for engine protection and fuel level indicator
  • Fully bunded tank, 110%
  • Certified wind stability up to 110 km/h
  • Galvanised body with durable anti-corrosion protection


Trime said ‘Receiving an award at any time is great, but to receive an award from the number one rental company in the UK is an honour not only for the company’s Directors, but Trime employees as a whole.

This was the first time we have attended Innovation Week. We were keen to get involved as the event presents a great opportunity to present new products to the ‘blue chip’ companies in our industry and gauge their reaction. A-Plant expect very high standards from their suppliers, but once you manage to achieve approved supplier status you become part of the family which makes for a great working relationship.’