Wacker Neuson - Dual View Dumper

Wacker Neuson

In 2018, A-Plant hosted ‘Innovation Week’ for manufacturers to present us with their products that drive focus on improving business operations and working processes as well as environmental concerns. We recognised Wacker Neuson for their innovation dumper which excels in safety by unrestricting working views and eliminating reversing hazards with its rotatable driving seat.

Wacker Neuson Dual View Dumper

The Wacker Neuson Dual View Dumper sets new standards for unrestricted view in every situation. The driver's cab concept allows the operator to turn the seat and console 180 degrees to determine the viewing and driving direction. The rotation can be conveniently performed from the driver's seat by simply unlocking the seat console and then turning it around.

Features and Benefits

  • More visibility / unrestricted view
  • Reversing is eliminated
  • High driving position
  • Full focus on the job without frequent gear changes
  • Hydrostatic braking effect as soon as the foot is removed from the accelerator pedal
  • Standard rear-view camera monitor, so you can always see the skip in any seating position
  • Safe and comfortable ascent to the driver's station. The steps are highlighted with color for better visibility
  • Joystick handle with direction change switch and dump operation, so one hand can always stay on the steering wheel.


Wacker Neuson said ‘When it came to developing Duel View we held voice of customer workshops to get feedback from key tier one contractors. What we have designed will be a game changer in our industry and A-Plant is keen to be part of this change. Here at Wacker Neuson, we are also the first manufacturer worldwide to offer a wide range of electrically powered construction machinery and equipment. With new fuel and noise emission regulations putting pressure on inner city projects, contractors are tasked with using suitable products to meet these new targets. Using Wacker Neuson products A-Plant can reach out to their existing customer base offering this solution.

We are very proud to have received an innovation award. A-Plant is a key supplier to the industry so it is important for us to have a good working relationship with them. Receiving an accolade such as this increases our exposure in the market place and as a consequence increases our brand awareness.’