A-Plant charge ahead with Battery Power Seminar

A-Plant, the UK’s leading equipment rental company, hosted its first ever Battery Power Seminar yesterday (11th December 2018) as part of its on-going sustainability programme Act Now.

  • James Basden, Dave Harris & James Lam

The inaugural event, which took place in London and was open to A-Plant colleagues and selected customers, explored the future of battery technology.

It included presentations from the UK’s leading battery power experts, James Lam, Energy Storage Expert at DNV GL and James Basden, Co-Founder at Zenobe Energy plus updates from leading equipment manufacturers and suppliers including, Wacker Neuson, CCL, ECOBAT, TRIME, JCB, Hilti, Makita and NanoSUN.

During the event guests discovered how the technology could positively affect construction and infrastructure projects and there were discussions around solar and hydrogen as alternative power sources.

Dave Harris, Business Development Director at A-Plant, said the idea for a Battery Power Seminar was formed following the company’s successful Innovation Week this summer.

He explained: “Innovation Week 2018 highlighted that battery technologies are fast replacing traditional diesel and petrol engines and becoming the new front line in the sustainable energy revolution. 

“We are committed to making sustainable investment decisions and exploring all avenues to reduce our impact on both greenhouses gas emissions and air quality – and this needs to involve our valued customers and suppliers working together.

“A-Plant’s first Battery Power Seminar provided us with the opportunity to take an in depth look at battery power and other alternative power sources.

“We believe that by having more information and understanding about what is available now and what other battery power related innovations may be coming over the next five years, we will be able to further build on our commitment to sustainability.”

James Lam, Energy Storage Expert at DNV GL commented: “The energy landscape is changing dramatically. DNV GL’s Energy Transition Outlook forecasts that electricity’s share of the total energy mix will more than double in the next 30 years, powered by renewable sources which will account for an estimated 80% of global electricity production in 2050. To cope with these variable renewables, it is clear that energy storage has a significant role to play across several industries. In the construction industry, the electrification of heavy vehicles is expected to reach 80% by 2050, bringing with it fundamental changes for the sector and highlighting the importance of battery technologies. We’re excited to work with A-Plant to drive the conversation forward and enable the transition to a low-carbon economy.”

James Basden, co-founder of Zenobe Energy, one of the largest owners and operators of battery storage with over 70MW of operational assets, commented: “Zenobe is accelerating the roll out of battery storage through enabling the charging of EV commercial fleets and making power more flexible and significantly cheaper for large businesses. We manage the whole lifecycle of the battery with no upfront capital cost  and we look forward to bringing these benefits to A-Plant and its customers”.