A-Plant - Gender Pay 2017

A-Plant is the leading plant, tool and equipment rental company in the UK with over 3,600 employees. Having an engaged workforce where our people feel motivated to fulfil their potential and support our customers is critical to our business’ success.

We know our people are our greatest asset and by looking after them we will achieve our vision of being the best in our industry in everything we do. A-Plant is an accredited Living Wage employer.

Our workforce reflects the nature of our business, the industry in which we operate and the markets we serve. A significant proportion of our employees are fitter engineers, HGV drivers and traffic management operatives, virtually all of whom are male. 13% of our workforce are women. We seek to promote increasing proportions of women in the business but recognise that some roles attract fewer women.

The graphic illustrates the gender pay distribution at A-Plant across four pay quartiles.

The graphic illustrates the gender pay distribution at A-Plant across four pay quartiles.

While the profile is similar across each quartile, we have proportionately fewer women in the top and bottom quartiles. The top quartile reflects the fact that the majority of senior management is male while the roles in the lower quartile have attracted fewer women.

Hourly Rate of Pay

A-Plant recognises and rewards men and women equally based on their performance, skills and experience. The median pay for women is 1.7% higher than that for men while their mean pay is 2.8% lower than that for men. This demonstrates that A-Plant does not have a significant gender pay gap.

Bonus Pay

Due to the mix of the roles within the business, a greater proportion of women receive a bonus. However, because there is a lower proportion of women in senior positions, women’s average bonus pay is lower than men’s average bonus pay.

I confirm that the information reported in this statement is accurate.

Richard Thomas
Chief Executive Designate
3rd April 2018