Pension Governance

The Trustees of the Ashtead Group plc Retirement Benefits Plan (“the Plan”) are required to produce an Annual Statement Regarding Defined Contribution (“DC”) Governance and a Statement of Investment Principles for the DC section of the Plan.

While the Plan is a defined benefit pension plan and the vast majority of members and benefits accrued are on a defined benefit basis, there are a small number of members who have DC benefits, either because they left the Plan with less than 2 years’ service at a time when the Plan was contracted out of the State Second Pension on a Protected Rights basis, or because they have made Additional Voluntary Contributions in the past.  

In accordance with the requirements of the Pensions Regulator, a copy of the governance statement and the Statement of Investment Principles is reproduced here for information.  These statements relate specifically to DC benefits within the Plan and not to any other pension benefits or plans.

Signed 2019 DC Governance Statement (PDF, 1.52 MB)


DC SIP 12 September 2019 (PDF, 98.3 KB)