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We are a specialist provider in the hire and sale of portable cooling, drying, heating and humidification equipment.

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With an available range of portable mono-bloc and split air conditioners, evaporative coolers, industrial spot coolers and industrial fans, we provide temporary portable air conditioning and cooling solutions to cool occupants, products, equipment or the air.

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With an vast fleet of portable heating equipment available for hire, from portable electric heaters to fan heaters, gas heaters, direct oil fired heaters or indirect oil fired heaters, be assured your environment's; occupants, products, equipment and air will be kept warm.

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Our portable drying equipment is ideal for fast and effective drying in areas that suffer from damp or tend to have lots of moisture in the air, be it a domestic, commercial or industrial environment. Our range of portable dehumidifiers, carpet dryers, wet vacs and extractor/ ventilation fans are ready at a moment's notice for hire. Ideal for removing moisture from walls, floors and the air.

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With a wide range of portable humidifiers available at a moment's notice, your portable humidification needs will be met, no matter where you are across the UK or Ireland. Portable humidifiers are ideal moisture solutions for health service, pharmaceutical production, museums, art galleries and archive environments.

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Unico Range

For well over ten years, customers have been benefitting from Unico products across five continents, this is due to the versatile functionality and range variation Unico offers. To meet today’s demanding air conditioning needs, Unico solutions are available in 5 models; easy, Smart & R, Inverter and Air.

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