Formwork Hire

Our range of Formwork equipment includes:

Mammut Large Panel System

These panels provide a heavy duty modular formwork system for large areas. We supply a range of panel sizes and accessories with a large 3500mm x 2500mm being the biggest panel available with a load capacity of 100kN/m2.

EcoAs Small Panel System

A small versatile and flexible modular formwork system - it provides the shuttering formwork for pouring wet concrete in walls, columns and many other structures. Its Alkus-plate configuration uses a polymeric face, providing a better quality finish to the concrete than conventional systems, with a load capacity of 50kN/m2.

KLK Climbing Formwork

A climbing platform that is supported from anchors cast into the previous concrete pour.  The formwork is attached to the platforms and can be fully adjusted to ensure each lift is sequentially aligned.  KLK is completely independent to the structure and the system can work with all Leada Acrow formwork products to construct any concrete structure.


Utilises a climbing shoe attached to the same anchors as the KLK. The rail which forms part of the platform climbs through the shoe ensuring lifting can be operated in all weather conditions. The system also allows the climbing operation to start after the first concrete pour.  Similarly to KLK, all Leada Acrow formwork products can be utilised with the system.

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