Lifting & Material Handling

FLG Services is a market-leading company, offering a fast and efficient hire service from our national Service Centre network. This means we can provide a local delivery service wherever you are.

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We offer a complete range of different styles of winches, including manual hand operated chain blocks, electric chain blocks, air operated hoists, lever operated hoists and various others. With also supply a range of lifting hooks, clamps and release shackles.

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Our winches cover a variety of requirements, including our capstan winches which pull up to 3000kg of line. We also provide a range of winching accessories, including pulling machines, hydraulic pulling machines, snatch/reeving blocks, and various others.

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We provide a range of jacking products to cover various safe work loads, from our trolley jacks lifting up to 10t, to ratchet toe jacks lifting up to 20t, to our full hydraulic rams lifting up to 500t. We also provide a range of jacking accessories, including manifolds, gauges and electric pumps.

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General Tackle

Our wide range of general tackle accessories include all of your sling requirements, including chain slings, fibre slings, wheel barrow chain slings, wire drops slings, large dee shackles and green pin standard bow shackles.

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Material Handling

Our wide range of material handling products cover all situations of handling requirements, including crane forks, material lifts, lifting beams of up to 200t, concrete grabs, pallet trucks, any many more.

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Height Safety and Confined Space

A ‘Customer First’ and ‘Safety First’ culture is ingrained throughout our business and our aim is to set industry standards when it comes to being innovative, adding value, providing excellent customer service and ensuring Health and Safety at all times. We provide a range of harnesses, safety lines, mobile man anchors and various of site safety equipment.

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Load Measurement

Measuring up to 100t, we provide various load measurement fools such as digital load indicators, compressive load indicators, test weights, test cradles, and weight stillage and trolley.

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Crane Hire

Our cranes for hire provide lifting of up to 100t and are available for both conventional and all terrain specifications. We can provide a site survey upon request, and banksman/riggers and appointed person are available if required.

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