Portable Work Lights

Defender Uplight Hire

The award-winning 100V Defender Uplight is a tough, versatile, lighting solution for construction, outdoor event, workshop and roadside use. Constructed from extremely strong plastic, this fluorescent light offers broad, near shadow-free illumination.

Exin Light Hire

Fully self-contained in a weatherproof unit and is battery powered with a built-in charging cable storage compartment. No forgotten cable, no trip hazards.

Balloon Light Hire

Designed to provide the highest quality lighting for night-time workplace safety and productivity with less power consumption, these energy saving balloon lights are lightweight, tripod mounted and feature a 90cm diameter balloon which is self-inflated by a built-in fan.

The tubular envelope provides effective light distribution across 360°. They are ideal for use in rescue situations or any worksite settings where a well-lit area is required to work.

LED Tripod Light Hire

These tripod lights are fitted with 2 x 50 Watt LED lights which give a clean energy efficient white light. The tripod legs are extendable, meaning the height and angle of the lamps is fully adjustable.

Plasterers' Light Hire

For practically shadow-free illumination these plasterers' lights are an ideal solution for general building, painting and decorating, plastering and DIY use. Stand mounted for easy use, these lights perform perfectly for the job intended.

Rechargeable 'Super' Light Hire

Torch, worklight and floodlight all in one! A versatile and portable LED torch/worklight system designed for patrol, inspection and emergency work situations. Rail approved, it is non-conductive, impact resistant with telescopic GRP mast.