VT-1 Lighting Tower Hire

VT-1 and VT-1+ Eco Tower Light Hire by A-Plant

The VT-1 has whisper quiet noise levels, just 65 dB(A) at 7m, and a long-run fuel tank, which makes it ideally suited for outside events, site lighting in construction and highways contracts, as well as for mines, car parks, industrial sites, airports, warehouses and pedestrian areas at public events.

VT1 Lighting Tower Hire

Product Features

The VT-1+ Eco uses 30% less fuel and generates 30% lower emissions than previous models, thanks to a state-of-the-art detection sensor and auto stop/start function.

  • The VT-1 Eco starts automatically when it goes dark - meaning no need for site visits
  • 9kVA generator
  • Full adjustable stabilisers for safe erection and continuous use
  • 9 metre hydraulic galvanised mast fitted with a hydraulic security valve, ensuring that the mast can be safely lowered if the engine fails or the battery is stolen
  • Certified wind stability until 110km/hr
  • 116 litre long-run fuel tank
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