We work closely with many public sector organisations including local authorities, NHS Trusts, education establishments, prisons, and central government.

Public Sector

This sector covers central government departments such as the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Justice as well as every Local Authority in the UK.

It’s important that tax payers’ money is wisely spent and pricing therefore needs to be competitive. At A-Plant, we have built close working relationships with many government and public sector bodies, some within framework agreements, including:

  • Local authorities
  • Central government departments
  • NHS Trusts and hospitals
  • Prisons
  • Education establishments
  • Grounds, estates and parks
  • Military bases i.e. army barracks

Government is wide ranging and diverse, characteristics that are reflected in the most popular items that we provide to our clients in this sector:

  • Temporary heating, cooling and lighting solutions
  • Event specific equipment including walkways, pitch coverings, crowd control barrier systems, security, lighting
  • Tools: from gardening to cleaning
  • Lifting and handling equipment including hoisting, jacking, and safety
  • Non-mechanical access: pop ups, podiums, ladders, towers, power generation and distribution
  • Powered access
  • Pumps
  • Portable accommodation units: storage, office space, staff facilities

For examples of our work with the government sector, see our case studies section.