Our specialist divisions fully understand the specific needs of the power, petrochemical and oil & gas industries.


The UK’s large industrial sector stretches across the extraction and production of oil and gas and related products; the manufacture of a range of materials, equipment, products and foodstuffs; as well as the quarrying and mining of raw materials.

Industrial sites include:

    • Chemical plants
    • Factories
    • Manufacturing
    • Warehousing
    • Distribution centres

Many industrial sites operate 24/7 shift patterns so productivity is continuous. The exception is the period of intense repair and maintenance known as shutdown. At A-Plant we work with a number of clients during this vital phase, offering free site surveys and providing large volumes of hired products and services to ensure the work is carried out quickly and efficiently, so reducing down time of the operating business.

Typical equipment for hire during shutdown:


      • Cherry pickers
      • Scissor Lifts and Towers

Lifting and Handling:

      • Gantries
      • Trucks
      • Trollies
      • Hoists
      • Vacuum Lifters


      • Drills
      • Saws
      • Cleaning and Floorcare equipment
      • Small Plant

Climate Control:

  • Temporary Heating and Cooling

Our huge annual investment of over £150 million in new equipment is unrivalled and ensures the youngest, most reliable, safest, and greenest options are available to our clients.

Our award-winning training ensures that operatives are working in complete safety.

Each project is different and we provide fully customised solutions to meet the exacting and specific needs of our clients.

Our specialist divisions offer a breadth of expertise and give us the ability to provide a one-stop solution for our customers. This single, focused approach is both cost and time efficient.

For examples of our work with the industrial sector, see our case studies section.

Mechanical and Electrical Brochure (PDF, 5.77 MB)